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Why Is My Wix Site Not Showing Up?

Why Is My Wix Site Not Showing Up?

Why Is My Wix Site Not Showing Up?

Launching a new website on Wix can be an exciting step towards establishing your online presence. However, it can be frustrating when you realize that your Wix site isn't showing up in search results or even when you directly enter the URL. This article aims to demystify this common issue and offer practical solutions to get your Wix site visible and accessible.

Common Reasons for Invisibility

new site not showing up on Wix

Newly Created Site

One of the most common reasons for a site not showing up immediately is its newness. Search engines like Google take time to crawl and index new websites. If your site is brand new, it may just be a matter of time before it starts appearing in search results. To speed up the index process I recommend creating an account on Google Console and submitting your website sitemap >

Indexing Delays on Google

Indexing Delays

Even if your site isn't brand new, search engines occasionally take time to update their index. Changes made on your site might not be immediately visible due to these indexing delays. Submit a sitemap via Google Console can again speed this up.

Wix Publishing Issues

Publishing Issues

Sometimes, the problem could be as simple as not having published your site correctly. Wix sites need to be published before they are visible to the public. Not sure how to publish your Wix site?

Wix SEO Settings

SEO Settings

Improper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) settings can also affect your site’s visibility. This includes inadequate use of keywords, meta tags, and descriptions that help search engines understand and rank your content. Read more about the Factors influencing your search position on Google >

What is Blocked by Robots.txt?

Blocked by Robots.txt

A misconfigured robots.txt file can inadvertently tell search engines to ignore your site, leading to visibility issues. Read more about crawling and indexing issues >

If your Wix site isn’t showing up, don’t panic. In most cases, the issue is temporary and can be resolved with the above steps. Remember, creating a visible online presence takes time and a bit of SEO know-how. Regularly updating your site and ensuring that all settings are optimized for search engines will gradually improve your site's visibility and ranking. Reach out today if you need a hand :)

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Hausman Graphics is a certified Wix Partner and creates stunning websites for businesses in the UK, USA and beyond. If you are looking for a new website, a fresh look for your current website, or are seeking to improve your performance on Google, contact us today and let's get started. Or if you'd like to learn a little more first, read our recent feature in The Drum.


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