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How To Connect Your Wix Site To Google Search Console (And Submit A Sitemap)

How To Connect Your Wix Site To Google Console

How To Connect Your Wix Site To Google Console (And Submit A Sitemap)

Connecting your website to Google Console helps to establish trust between your domain and Google, this can help get your website indexed on Google quicker. Not sure how to connect your Wix site to Google Search Console? In this guide I'll show you how and also how you'll submit a sitemap.

Google What?

Google Search Console is a really useful tool provided by Google to help anyone with a website understand how they are performing on Google. It allows you to identify any issues such as broken links, page crawl issues as well as indexing issues. It is also where you will be submitting your sitemap (more on that below).

Why Should I Connect My Site To Google Search Console?

Connecting your website to Google Console is a smart move, as well as having access to a range of helpful tools and insights, you'll also speed up the time it takes for your site to be indexed on Google. When a website is published and made live to the world, Google is not automatically aware, it will eventually find your site but you can speed up the time it takes by connecting your site to the console. Google will then 'crawl' your site (a process that can take up to 3 weeks) and assign you a position in the search results.

Before starting this process make sure your website has been published.

How Do I Connect My Wix Site To Google Search Console?

1. From your Wix dashboard, hover over 'Marketing and SEO' on the left panel menu, a pop up will appear, from this select 'SEO Tools'.

2. Once you're in 'SEO Tools', click 'Site Verification'

3. This will bring up a list of search engines. Click 'Google Search Console', the panel will drop down. From here you have two options, use the SEO Wiz or add a site verification tag. You can ignore the SEO Wiz and click 'Google Search Console'.

4. You will then be directed to the Google Search Console. This is a Google product and so it will open in your Google account, check to make sure you are in the correct account via the icon top right, click this to check which Google account you are using. Okay, so using the URL Prefix option, copy and paste your domain url. Remember to include the full url (e.g., https://www...) Once you have added your url select 'Continue'.

5. A owner verification panel will appear. Select the option 'HTML tag'. The box will drop down and reveal the meta tag code that you need to then paste back on Wix, click 'Copy'.

6. Now head back to Wix, on the page you were just on 'Site Verification' with all the search engines listed, paste the code into the box. Click save, a message will appear confirming the meta tag has been added.

7. Now head back to Google Search Console and in the same box you copied the code from, click 'Verify'. You should see a confirmation message. You have now successfully linked your website to Google Search Console. All you need to now is to submit a sitemap.

8. From the menu panel on the left, select 'Sitemaps'. This will bring up the option to add your sitemap. Your domain will already be prefilled, you just need to add sitemap.xml in the field and submit. If you get an error, just keep doing it until you see 'success' in green (as below). Submitting your sitemap speeds up the process on Google indexing your website.

And that's it. You have now connected your website and domain to Google Search Console. Explore the range of tools offered but remember, if there are any future issues with your domain such as broken links, Google Search Console will email you and let you know.

If you want to delve deeper into all the tools Google Search Console offers, here is a great guide.

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