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What Is A Favicon And How To Add One To Your Wix Website

Updated: Jul 1

What Is A Favicon And How To Add One To Your Wix Website

What Is A Favicon And How To Add One To Your Wix Website

It's all about the details - adding a favicon to your site is one of the most overlooked finishing touches, it not only adds professionalism but rounds off the overall application of your brand identity.

But What Is A Favicon?

Favicon (or 'Favourite Icon') is a small icon used on web browsers, if you look at your browser tabs you'll see something likes this:

What Is A Favicon And How To Add One To Your Wix Website

Each tab will have a unique icon that represents the website, this not only allows you to skip between tabs quicker but can also make your brand more memorable and your website seem more trustworthy.

How Do I Get A Favicon?

If you have had your logo professionally designed you should already have a favicon, if not ask your designer to create one for you. Alternatively, drop me an email and I will do one for you (YES FOR FREE), if you prefer to go it alone there are a few online generators, this one is probably the best.

How Do I Add A Favicon on My Wix Wix Website

Step 1. From your Wix Dashboard, on the left menu panel, click 'settings', you will then see this screen. Click 'Website Settings'.

Step 2. Scroll down to the Favicon section and add your Favicon. You will be directed to upload your Favicon or select from your media library. Once added, refresh your website and ta-da!

Are Favicons Really That Important?

I would say so, they add legitimacy and make it easier for your site to be found among other open tabs, they are also stored in your browser history and bookmarks so will promote return visits.


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