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How To Add A Contributor To Your Website on Wix

Updated: Jul 4

How Do You Add Collaborators To Your Wix Website

How Do You Add Collaborators To Your Wix Website

Wix has a variety of contributor roles that allow people to access your website, the role you select will depend upon the level of access you would like to grant. Within each contributor role you will see a list of 'permissions' allowing you to control what access is granted within each role.

Send An Invitation To A Collaborator

The person who you are sending the invite to will need to have a Wix account. Apart from that the process is pretty straightforward:

Step 1. From your Wix dashboard, click 'Settings' on the left sidebar menu.

How Do I Add A Contributor To My Wix Website?

Step 2. Select 'Roles and Permissions'

How Do I Add A Contributor To My Wix Website?

Step 3. You will now see your current 'Roles and Permissions'. To invite a new collaborator, click the blue 'Invite People' button.

How Do I Add A Contributor To My Wix Website?

Step 4. Now just add the email you wish to send the invite to and then select the contributor role. You can select multiple roles depending on the level of access you are looking to grant.

How Do I Add A Contributor To My Wix Website?

Once you have entered an email and selected the role(s) simply click the blue 'Send Invite' button. They will receive an email confirming you have invited them as a contributor to your website, once they accept the invite you will receive confirmation. To check on the progress of your invite you can go back to the 'Roles and Permissions' screen.


Wix Contributor Role List

Contributor Role


Admin (Co-Owner)

​Full access to manage, edit & publish site, including billing, domains and inviting people, but cannot delete or transfer site.

​Website Manager

​Access to manage, edit & publish site, but cannot manage billing, delete, duplicate or transfer site.

​Website Designer

​Can edit the site, manage settings and apps but cannot access Inbox, contacts and other sensitive info.

​Back Office Manager

​Can access the Dashboard to manage site settings and apps but cannot edit the site.

Content Manager Roles

​Can add and modify content for all collections, but cannot edit other areas of your site.

​Billing Roles

​Can make purchases, manage subscriptions, add payment methods and connect a domain to the site.

​Marketing and Customer Management Roles

​Can manage all marketing tools, contacts, automation, and view site analytics.

​Blog Roles

Blog Editor: Can fully manage the blog but not other areas of your site.

Blog Writer: Can write and publish posts. Cannot create or manage categories.

Guest Writer: Can write posts but cannot publish them. Posts must be approved and published by a Blog Editor or site owner.

​Bookings Roles

Bookings Admin: Has full access to your bookings calendar and contacts page, but cannot edit other areas of your site.

Bookings Staff Member: Can book their own clients, access their personal calendar and manage their sessions.

​Events Roles

Events Check-In Assistant: Can see the guest list, check-in guests and scan tickets on the Wix Owner app.

Payments Roles

Payments Manager: Can view and manage customer payments, but cannot purchase domains or subscriptions.

​Custom Role

​Pick and choose to suit your needs.


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