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Absolute Health and Fitness

Personal Trainer

Qatar-based Absolute Health & Fitness specialises in bringing people and organisations together to enjoy a healthy, productive and active lifestyle through a range of health and fitness services.

As a new business AHF were not really sure what they were looking for or where to start. We researched the health and fitness market in Doha (Qatar) and identified that most businesses were represented by cluttered, confusing and unimaginative brand identities – we felt adopting a clean and simple brand would mark AHF as a provider of quality; cutting through the noise while directly appealing to their target audience of working professionals and businesses.

We developed a clean and angular typographical style, using the ‘A’ as a graphic device to convey a variety of relevant meanings and serve several uses throughout both print and digital media – for example it features as a navigation icon in the website we created.

Across the brand, we developed a simple monochromatic theme to accentuate content, from photography to web design the theme works well in framing a clear message and ‘call to action’.​


Doha, Qatar


+ Branding & Identity Design

+ Stationery Design
+ Website Design


+ Garment Livery

We create beautiful brands and websites for businesses throughout the globe. Get in touch with us today to discover what we can do for your business.


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